August Diary: A Grande Finale for Summer

late Thursday:  Remind me, next time I am complaining that things are a bit tight financially to go back and read over posts for September 2015.  If ever there were a testimony for God's provision in a life, this most certainly was the month to read as a testimonial!

Over and over again we found new ways to improve upon what we had, save a little, pay off a plethora of medical bills that came due, and even partially pay back a small loan we'd taken out to pay off a bigger bill, plus meet our every need and help out a desperate child with a big financial burden (which was promptly repaid in October, by the way).  Wow oh wow!  Did my heart a whole lotta good to read about how we lived through that summer.  And prompted me to be ever more vigilant with my Gratitude lists for how we're seeing provision in this summer as well.  Praise God!

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