7 Clever Hacks To Organize Your Kitchen On The Cheap

Organization is crucial in any workspace, especially if the work in question requires a lot of different tools. And unless you’re a professional woodworker or craftsman of some kind, the workspace you most often is likely to be your kitchen!

Cooking or baking in a well-organized kitchen is not only easier, but it’s more enjoyable too. And while it’s possible to spend a small fortune in the pursuit of kitchen organization, it’s just as possible to get organized on a budget!

And that brings us to the focus of today’s blog post: dollar store organizing hacks for the kitchen. All of the hacks included in this post feature stuff you can find at your local dollar store, because you don’t have to spend a lot to make your kitchen more functional! :-)
7 Brilliant Dollar Store Organizing Hacks For Your Kitchen 1. Pantry Bins
Dollar stores offer a wide variety of bins and baskets that can come in handy when organizing your pantry. Use bins to corral smaller or partially used packages together. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a few bins can make!
2. Snack Caddies
Hosting a movie night with the family? Make it even more special by giving everyone their own personal snack carrier! A few cheap shower caddies from the dollar store work perfectly for toting snacks to and from the living room.
3. Portable Spices
Even if you’re just headed outside to cook on the grill, carrying a selection of different herbs and spices with you can be tricky. Instead, just add a small amount of each one you’ll be using into the compartments of a weekly pill organizer!
4. Twine Dispenser
Baker’s twine comes in handy in the kitchen for everything from tying up poultry to packaging baked goods. Keep your baker’s twine close at hand and free of tangles by storing it in a reusable travel cup!

When you need a piece of twine, just pull out as much as you need through the hole in the lid. Easy!
5. Kitchen Command Center
The kitchen is the heart of the house, making it a great place to set up a hidden “command center!” Using a few items from the dollar store, you can set up a central location to keep track of coupons, notes, documents, and anything else you don’t want to lose track of.

Read more about how to set up a kitchen command center here.
6. Color Coded Stickers
Using a few sheets of colored stickers from any dollar store, you can create a color coded organizing system for all sorts of kitchen items! For instance, you can color code your spices by category, like green for dried herbs, red for hot spices, yellow for baking, etc.

Simple color coding systems like this one can make it easier to find what you need in your kitchen quickly and efficiently.
7. DIY Fridge Liners
Instead of splurging on washable fridge liners at a home goods store, you can make your own using a few dollar store placemats! Measure the areas in your fridge you want to make liners for, then cut a few washable placemats to match those sizes.

Your DIY fridge liners will catch any spills that happen in your fridge. Just give them a quick wash with soapy water to clean them up, then put them right back in the fridge!

Get more details about how to make your own fridge liners here.

What’s your best tip for getting more organized on a budget?
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