25 Kid-Worthy Back to School Meals & Snack Ideas

Back to school our kids go! This means you need inspiration for meals, snacks and getting lunches packed in efficiently. While you can purchase many prepackaged foods, we have a great selection of foods that are homemade, healthier and a fun variety for the school year! These are meals and snacks that your kids will happily eat and be happy with in the meal rotation.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pita Panini

You can have your kids love what you serve and know they are getting some protein and fruit in their system at the same time. Make this easily for a picnic in the park or to add to your child’s lunchbox! Mommy Evolution created a delicious sandwich that puts it all together easily for a kid to eat with their fingers.

Easy Tortilla Pizza

Life Love Liz knows that every kid loves pizza. These are simple to put together, great to get a variety of toppings on and cater to your picky child’s tastes or for the kid that doesn’t love to eat regular meals. Less work than regular pizza dough, a tortilla helps make lunch a breeze!

Make-Ahead Fruit & Breakfast Parfaits

If you' have a kid who doesn’t love mornings, you can have this ready to go without needing a lot of time to get up before it’s time to be on the go. These parfaits travel easy peezy! But knowing they’re prepped and ready to go with healthy ingredients really does check one more thing off your morning list. Iowa Girl Eats helps moms get a good meal into your kiddos tummy to start the day right. For those kiddos that prefer this as a snack, even better! Pull it out on a moment’s notice.

Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

It’s great to have a go-to recipe for morning breakfasts. Even your pickiest eaters or non-breakfast lovers will jump at the chance to enjoy these pancakes. Chocolate goes a long way to get fruit into their diet and eat an important meal. Crazy For Crust knows we need our kids to have energy to pay attention in school and easy meals to get ready so we can focus on other things. Enjoy this recipe!

Chef Salad On A Stick

Enticing our kiddos to eat a healthy option for a meal is always about presentation. Dicing up your salad to fit on a stick is brilliant! Pocket Change Gourmet has the right idea in adding salad ingredients to a stick and letting them dip it into a little dressing. What can be more fun!?

Broccoli Cheese Balls

Enjoying vegetables is important to learn at a young age so you’ll grow up enjoying different ways of getting healthy dishes into your meals. To show my kids they can enjoy broccoli, I along with Spicy Southern Kitchen don’t mind shaping them into bite size balls easily eaten with their hands and adding a bit of cheese. Delicious and fun, you can send kids to school with this fun food or serve them after school!

No Bake Monster Cookie Dough Bites

Having a treat ready to share with your kiddos is key. Not having to bake each time is awesome. These little energy bites are perfect for kids of all ages - they’ll love the oats and peanut butter as it sticks to their tummies and helps them keep on playing but the chocolate treat also is a winner. Inside Bru Crew Life wants to make sure you have a great recipe on hand to share a moment with your kiddos or to send along so they know they’re loved!

Cream Cheese Croissants

If you want a new kind of sandwich to serve or have a kiddo who doesn’t love meat, this is a great option. Lunch is still simple, easy and got your anti-oxidant filled tomatoes inside a delicious, buttery croissant. Lil Luna is creatively helping us moms serve up lunch 1001 different ways to keep our kids happy and fed.

Baked Corn Tortilla Cheese Dogs

You can’t feed your kids hot dogs everyday. Or so I’m told. But you can prepare them in different ways to make them more exciting when you do have them! Anything on a stick is great but then add a corn tortilla instead of a bun is great too! Simply Gloria makes this lunch or dinner option simply fun!

Cream Cheese and Jam Cracker Snacks

A great spin on the ol’ PB&J sandwich, keeping things simple and easy to make but requiring just a few bites from the kids, seem to make everyone happy and able to finish what they’ve been served. Make and Takes gives you this great idea for a snack that’s filling and yummy, on a buttery cracker most kids love!

Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars

Cheerios are great for two things in my home - a snack for my toddler to throw on the floor and to get crunched up and the other? Cheerio Bars! Our Family of Seven gives you this great treat recipe to serve your kids of all ages a tasty treat that’s easy to snack away at and comes together with just 3 ingredients. Win win!

Homemade Cheez Its

It’s not a secret that most moms buy the kids Cheese Its because they are addicting to adults too. You can always pop a few in between walks to the park, winding your way through the zoo or at a friends playdate. Don’t Waste The Crumbs gives us a home run of a recipe that’s easy to make, offers that great crunch we all want and gives you that cheesy, salty flavor we all crave but from scratch!

Easy Homemade Corn Dogs

Yes, my kids love corn dogs. Yes, they’d let me prepare it 5 days a week. So why not learn to make it yourself and save yourself some preservatives and let them remember the mom that made them this sweet after school snack or a great picnic dinner with a kid favorite? Chef In Training makes it simple to do just that!

Popcorn Chicken

Kids don’t want a healthy chicken breast but give them bite sized pieces that easily get chewed up and onto the next piece, well then , bring that chicken on! The Cozy Apron wins us over with this recipe that’s easy to make but also baked, not fried. The whole family will approve!

Fruit Pizza Crackers

Fruit Pizza is one of my favorite desserts. It doesn’t seem like its dessert, because it’s hiding the sugar cookie and cream cheese frosting. But if you want a short cut that gives you what you crave but put together so much quicker and as a perfect after school snack, try out the Homemade Ginger’s recipe for her kiddos. I love this idea and think that graham crackers would be great too!

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

My boys love hummus. This is an easy way for me to fill them up on good things that to them just looks like dip. Whether the dippable food is a cracker, pretzel or veggie, I think this is pretty great! Good Life Eats helps you learn to make this delicious, lickable spread so you can continue serving it as an after sport snack or as a great side to their sandwich in the ol’ lunch box!

Pizza Bombs

These are the best little appetizer for me. But are a perfect lunchable idea for your kiddos at school! Spend With Pennies, they share a simliar way to serve a kid favorite snack, much like pizza pockets. Putting these together is a breeze, as is altering the ingredients for the different kids favorites without any hassle. You’ll probably want a few for yourself too!

Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks

You can just call them Homemade Fruit Snacks, no need to tell your littles that you’ve tucked away veggies into them so that they pop them into their mouth without a second thought! Dessert For Two is going to give you the scoop on preparing these and making all kinds of fun shapes to sneak into your kids diet!

Simple Blueberry French Toast Sticks

You had me at French Toast. And sticks. But then blueberries too? I’m sold! That its made with your own loaf of bread on the shelf is genius. Simple and easy to put together, you’ll get some fruit into the kids with a hearty recipe that comes together and baked nonetheless, in under 30 minutes! You can thank Busy Mom’s Helper for this awesome breakfast idea. I’m ready to make a batch for just my breakfast!

Corn Dog Muffins

This isn’t a sweet bread recipe. But it is a great food for on the go or easy to send in a lunch with your kid idea. The Pioneer Woman helps you bake up a batch or two of these little hand held foods so you can be sure to entice your child to eat in the short time they have at their lunch break without being prompted. They’ll have all the flavors of a corn dog, but this time, not on a stick. Just in the palm of their hand.

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Within 5 minutes, you have a great little food for your kiddo that is a fan favorite (because we can sense a theme with many of our foods, they all resort back to pizza!) and uses tortilla’s that you probably already keep in your pantry. Plus, mini pepperonis are awesome and we want to use them too! Damn Delicious inspires with this great little recipe that comes together quick and makes tummy happy.

Apple Zucchini Muffins

All kids love something that resembles a cupcake because we all know cupcakes are yummy and served at fun parties. So throwing some ingredients into a cupcake liner that are sweet and good for you but disguised as a hand held cupcake is a win. Two Peas and Their Pod helps you use that garden fresh zucchini so your kiddos get all the healthy benefits but love to munch on them too.

Healthy Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Banana Wrap

Funny how you change from two slices of bread to a tortilla wrap and you completely have a different food, even if the same ingredients are contained inside. At least Yummiest Food knows that, maybe our kiddos don’t yet. With little effort on your part, you have a great snack or lunch wrap, ready to go in just minutes!

Immunity Boosting Juices

Kiddos know that mommas love their smoothies and juices. They see the beautiful colors blended in with fruits and yummy ingredients but they don’t know how many wonderful healthy ingredients are also blended in. Throw a straw into the glass and Baby Foode will help you share good nutrients with your kids without the fuss!

Ricotta and Kale Quiche

I know there are a few kids out there that will take one look at this recipe and thumb their nose at it. But most will see eggs, pie shaped that’s easy to bite into and eat and get through a hearty breakfast in no time. One bite in and they’ll agree with 100 Days of Real Food that this was delicious and a great way to start the day!